How to learn magic? – Easy tricks for beginners

Magical tricks can be played by using simple household items and by applying the laws of physics. If you learn few tricks, you will impress your friends and family members. There are tricks which can be played by kids as well as adults. Beginners can go through the simple tricks so that it is possible to make the most of their time and effort. Cards, coins and simple objects can be used to play easy magic tricks.

easy magic tricks with cards and coins


Spoon bending

good magic tricks spoon bendingSpoon bending trick can be played by novice with little diligence. As you grab the spoon, you will press down with your hands and it will create an illusion that the spoon was bent. As soon as the audience goes through the stunning image, you will lift up the spoon and will show the unbent spoon.

Expose a pre-sliced banana

To expose a pre-sliced banana, you will use a small pin to cut slices without peeling the banana. You should cut slices very carefully so that the skin will not be disturbed. As you peel off the banana from one end, you will be able to show the sliced banana.

Turning water into ice

Fill a bottle with water and put it inside the freezer. You can keep it in the freezer for about two hours until it reaches the freezing point. You should take out the bottle from the freezer.  You can place ice in a steel bowl and pour the frozen bottle water on top of the ice. You will be able to turn water into ice instantly.

Defying the gravity

By implementing the easy magic tricks, you can create illusion.  You should not ignore the role of science in this context. To perform the trick, you should have a rubber band and small ring. The rubber band will work like a string. As you pull the rubber band, the ring will rise. An illusion will be created wherein the ring is rising up. As a matter of fact, you are stretching the string to create the special effect.

Magic Card Tricks

You can perform magic card tricks very easily. Beginners can go through the step by step tutorials so that various kinds of tricks can be performed in an effortless manner. You should master the skill in shuffling the cards, card handling aspects, and flourishes to perform various kinds of magical tricks.

Beginners can master simple tricks in a matter of few minutes. To master easy magic tricks, you will perform simple pull off moves. No special technique or sleight-of-hand technique is required. These tricks can be implemented by children and they can be performed at functions as well.

Best card trick in 10 minutes

You can master the simple trick in less than 10 minutes. The trick can be performed at parties so that there will be great response and appreciation.

No special techniques or sleight of hand should be performed in this process. If you can think quickly, the trick can be performed very easily.

To perform the magic, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Shuffle the deck.

The shuffling will be done very easily and it can be completed in few seconds. However, you should understand that the shuffling is crucial to play the trick. You should remember the bottom card (the number and suit) while shuffling. You will want to play the trick by remembering the card type.

  1. Pick the card

You will ask one person from the audience to pick the card. You will look at it and you will put it at the bottom of the deck.

  1. Shuffle the deck

Now, you should shuffle the deck again. While shuffling, you should cut the card for 4 times. Even though it is simple, you should perform it without fail.

  1. Show the audience’ card

Now, you will take the deck and reveal the card of the audience. As you remember the card that you had memorized earlier, you will flip one more card as soon as you find the memorized card. Thus, you will be able to reveal the card of the audience.

Card sleight techniques

How to do magic? There are various ways to play a trick with cards. You can implement the essential sleight techniques to mesmerize the audience. If you would like to become a serious magician, you should master important skills. For beginners, such kinds of moves are very difficult.

Double lift

The double lift is also known as double turnover. Serious magician should be aware of the trick. You should understand the fact that it is one of the first moves in performing various kinds of classic tricks.

You can learn magic, the double lift by performing the sleight of hand technique. The magician will lift two cards at once. However, he will create a picture that only one card is picked up. The audience will feel that the magician is displaying the top card. However, the magician will show the second card.

Importance of sleight technique

In fact, the double lift trick will be practiced by every magician. They will go through rigorous practice sessions until they are able to implement the technique without opening their eyes. You can apply the trick in various simple magic tricks. There are many magic tricks which rely upon the double lift.

Benefits of double lift

By performing the double lift technique, you will show the second card and it will appear as if you are picking up the top card. You can place the hidden card in the middle of the deck and the magic can be played in a very efficient manner. You can show the new card as if it has flown into the deck without your knowledge.

With simple double lift, you can wow audience. If can perform the double lift twice, it is possible to mislead the audience. Some of the types of double lifts are push off double lift, basic double lift, the double turnover and 2-card pushover. If you would like to master the double lift technique, you should go through the Push Off Double Lift so that you can master the technique very easily.

Simple magic tricks for kids

Magic tricks are great means of socialization. You can play magic tricks with various kinds of items. You will be able to impress your friends by playing cool magic tricks. If you can perform various kinds of magic tricks, there will be great improvement in public speaking as well.

You should be very skilful with your hands to attract the audience. The tricks are played to disguise the audience. To deliver great tricks, there will be involvement of your eyes, hands, fingers and body language. To improve your magic performing skills, you can pursue various hobbies such as painting, sewing, and playing a musical instrument. Great deal of patience is required to play the trick in a very efficient manner.

What are the resources to learn magic tricks?

You can learn various kinds of magic tricks including coin magic tricks through the internet. There are online as well as offline resources. You can go through the blogs that are dedicated to promote the art of magic. You should have highest level of enthusiasm and patience to learn and master magic tricks.

YouTube is a great resource for beginners as well as experienced users. You can learn magic tricks by going through the Brian Brushwood is an award winning magician. Viewers will go through the street cons, bar tricks, and scams. You can master various challenges by going through the videos.

You can also go through the regular classes conducted at the local institution. If you are in contact with a local magician, you will perform magic in an effortless manner. If you show a certain degree of dedication, you will settle for the best magic. You can learn them in a systematic way and will be able to master many techniques in an effortless manner.

Learning from magicians

Some magicians will share their knowledge and skill with others. Beginners can take advantage of the lessons offered by the magician. The magician should be able to satisfy the curiosity level of the audience. He has to divert the attention on certain things and should be able to accomplish some things without the notice of the audience. While practicing the tricks, you can take feedback from others. If your friends and family members are convinced of your performance, you can deliver performance in front of the larger audience.

You can learn best magic tricks by going through the books and DVD as well. The beginners’ books will explain various tips and tricks in a very efficient manner. You can go through the books and the magic can be practiced in front of the mirror. If you are really confident, you can venture before the audience. You should learn various nuances of magic and it demands your time, patience and effort.

Free magic tricks

You can go through the free magic resources and master easy tricks so that you can easily create an illusion in front of your friends and family members. The magic will give you unique recognition and it will generate new opportunities to make money as well. If you go through the tips and advice offered on reputed magic blogs, you can turn into a professional very easily.

There are definite tips that you should follow on the stage work and performance. By following certain methods, you will become an amazing performer.

Coin Magic Tricks

If you would like to become a successful magician, you should be confident. It is easy to believe others who are confident. However, you may not be sure about yourself. Even though you are an under-performer, you will be able to play various tricks without being noticed by the audience. It is possible by maintaining highest level of confidence.

As you go through, ‘how to do magic tricks?’ topic, you will understand that you will be able to fool audience by practicing the misdirection techniques in a very efficient way. You should present a charming appearance. With a broad smile on your face, you can present mesmerizing acts in front of the audience. As you will play tricks with your hands and fingers, the aspect will not be noticed by the audience and their focus will be on your charm.

You should have the ability to maintain good patter. There should be sufficient time for your assistant to perform various tasks so that you can deliver the show without any issues. If your assistant is taking more time in preparing things, you can narrate a story so that the time will be covered.

Learn basics

It is very much important to learn basics. When you are strong with the fundamentals, you can perform various tasks very easily. As you master the basic tricks, you can go forward to advanced tricks. Some of the simple tricks that you can perform without much effort are basic sleight of hand magic trick, simple bar hustle, disappearance of a quarter. If you are a beginner, you should learn these basic tricks so that you can focus on advanced topics later.

It is very much important to get the attention of the audience so that the magic show will be successful. It is a reciprocal process. Hence, you should pay attention towards your audience so that the audience will pay attention on your tricks.

You should be able to capture the thoughts of your audience. If you are able to notice their anxiety, you can manipulate things in an appropriate way and various items can be presented in a timely manner.

Use tools

A magician should have access to various tools and accessories so that magical tricks can be performed in an effortless manner. Sometimes, you will want to use dangerous items such as blades, knives and scissors as well. Audience will be on the edge of their seats when you use frightening items while performing the magic.

Light as a feather

Playing ‘light as a feather’ is a very common game which was in practice for many years. In fact, the practice is going on for many centuries. A person will be lifted by using the fingers of 4 or 5 people. The game appears to be supernatural.

You can explain various reasons to manage the exploit successfully. The balancing act can be accomplished with the distribution of weight among the members in a very efficient way. It can also be attributed to magnetic forces or the power of suggestion.

Steps to accomplish the task

The following steps should be performed to accomplish the task:

The person you are going to lift should be laid on a flat bed. The arms should be crossed over the chest. You can arrange blankets and pillows beneath the person as they are a great means of comfort and safety. Even though there is failure, the person will not be disturbed.

The persons who are going to lift the lied-down person should sit beside them. Ideally, one person can sit at each shoulder and at each knee. If there is a fifth person, he can sit near the head.

You should choose one of the lifters as the team leader. If one person takes the lead, it is possible to guide the rest of the members in a very efficient way. In this process, a perfect coordination can be expected. The team leader should have dramatic abilities. The leader should guide the team members from the start to finish so that the magic will be performed successfully.

You should use the two point fingers to perform the act. The lifters should keep their fingers beneath the shoulders and knees as per their respective sitting or kneeling positions. The fifth lifter can place one finger beneath the head and the other finger beneath either of the shoulder.

Test lift

It is very much important to perform the test lift in advance so that the final lift can be accomplished without any embarrassment. Every team member should put an effort to lift the liftee. However, there will not be any timer to accomplish the task. As a matter of fact, it will be very difficult to lift the person with one or two fingers.

As the team fails to lift the person, the team leader will explain the reason for failure. The team leader will announce that the liftee is not yet possessed with the spirit. As no mystical power was present, the act cannot be accomplished. Hence, he will lead the team to go through the serious session. The moderator/team leader should sell the magic. He should narrate a story about the origin and effect of supernatural powers.

Pioneering the trick

After the completion of the test list, you will master the trick. You should focus on the mind and should engage other team members to enhance their strength so that they will be able to life the person with their fingers. At this stage, the team leader should explain the concept behind the magic.

You can make changes to the ambience (light) so that you can create a unique atmosphere. You should place your hands over the head of the person (liftee). Hands of each person should be placed in turns so that all the team members will cover the liftee one after the other. At this stage, the team leader will announce that the liftee will be subjected to supernatural powers. The hands should be removed from the stack and they should be placed again on the liftee.

You should chant the unique phrase, ‘light as the feather and strong as the board’ while performing the step. The phrase should be chanted again and again. The liftee should manage a perfect still condition and the team members should lift the body gradually. You should lift the person with ease while continuing the chant. Finally, the person should be dropped to the ground gradually.

As long as the team members will be able to lift the body, there will not be any harm in performing the magic. With regular practice, the magic can be performed in an effortless manner. In order to divert the attention of the audience, the team members will chant the phrase on a continuous basis. The team members can subscribe sufficient time in getting strength to lift the person without fail.

This is one of the oldest techniques practiced by magicians. There are records to reveal the feat and you can notice that the feat was accomplished during the 17th century.

How to master the trick?

If you would like to impress your mates at the pub, you can learn simple coin tricks. The classic coin disappearance trick can be mastered very easily. You can go through the following link to understand the trick:

The coin should be folded in a piece of paper. You will ensure that the coin will vanish in front of the audience.

Can you become a magician?

If you would like to become a magician, you should apply your mind and hands. The skilful articulation of physics and psychology will help you mesmerize the audience in an effortless manner.

If you say you are a magician, everyone will expect the proof. They would like to see the trick at the earliest. Hence, you should be filled with certain kinds of simple tricks which can be performed at any time and any place with or without minimum resources.

Certain kinds of tricks can be played without taking the help of others. However, you will need support of team members to perform highly complex tasks. You will want to train your teammates as well to accomplish the task in a perfect way.

If you show a trick to one person, it will spread like a wildfire and you will accumulate the audience very quickly in various directions. When there is great recognition, you are compelled to show tricks at any time and you should be prepared to offer fresh tricks in each session. If you are performing the magic in the same place with the same audience, you will want to learn and master new skills very quickly. However, you should take sufficient care to manage personal time so that you can relax and spend time with your family members as well.

Magician’s appearance and maintenance

As you move from one location to another location, you should be in possession of some of the important tools that help you to accomplish the trick very easily. As a doctor will carry a stethoscope, you might want to carry a pack of cards.

To deliver the goods of the profession, you should maintain a clean physique and appearance. It is very much important to maintain personal hygiene. If you perform the act with dirty hands, it will not be appreciated. You should manage fresh and good breath so that there will not be any annoying situation for the audience.

Magic is a competitive industry. However, you should not forget the fact that it is a niche market. Hence, you should possess unique skills and should acquire new skills to outperform others in the market. If you can manage best skills, you will get work and money on regular basis. There are requirements to manage contacts as well so that new opportunities will be opened in a very efficient manner.

The tools of the trade should be managed in good condition. If you are using cards, you might want to share with the audience. The cards might be spoiled due to wrong usage. You should be in possession of quality cards and other set of tools and accessories so that the magic can be practiced without any issues. The magic tricks revealed by you will be practiced by others. As soon as other artists manage to perform the tricks played by you, the craze for your art will decrease. Hence, you should learn the art of magic in a systematic way and pursue it vigorously to manage crowds on a consistent basis. Hence, certain portion of the money that you earn through magic should be spent on maintenance.

Social skills

Magicians will use illusion in a creative way so that he/she can mesmerize the audience in a very efficient way. The art of magic is helpful to enhance the health condition of disabled people as well. There will be great impact on young minds so that they would like to figure out the truth as well.

A magician should manage social skills so that he will be loved by the audience. If the audience accepts the magician, the audience will go through the magic without questioning him. Hence, the magician should manage best and most appropriate attire as per the occasion and trick. The social skills are important to connect with people.

The magician should maintain good tone and body language. By using right kind of vocabulary, he can increase his popularity and it is possible to deliver pleasurable moments for the audience. It will take some time to build reputation. In some cases, the magicians should offer free stuff to prove him/her so that he or she can engage with the audience.

In some cases, a magician should motivate the audience. There will be occasions where hard-selling techniques are implemented. You should choose various locations to grow in a systematic way. If you offer a free magic show in a popular restaurant, you will be noticed by wealthy audience. There will be coverage on the media as well so that your popularity will enhance.

How to become a successful magician?

To become a successful magician, you should have lot of patience and skill. You may have great dreams in scaling new career heights as a magician. However, it will take some time to be grounded properly. While learning magic is one aspect, performing the magic is a different aspect. If you are performer on a TV show, there will be great audience. You should improve your skills on a consistent pace so that you will be the most sought after choice of TV channels.

You should attract people to the magic by performing the magic. You will not want to give explanation about your magic as long as people can see the magic and understand the magic. The simple magic tricks that you will perform at home will be shown on the big platform. Hence, there is no difference in the things that you accomplish at different locations. You should not be subjected to the heat of the audience. When you possess highest level of confidence levels, you can interact with the audience in a very efficient way and will be able to perform the magic in an effortless manner.

Professional magician

If you fall in love with magic, you might want to explore the opportunities to go into full-time job. If you believe what you do, you can become a professional without any issues. You should set goals and work towards the fulfillment of the goal. The available opportunities should be seized and you should work out to fulfill them in the best possible way.

You should be aware of certain essential things to become a professional magician. As a professional magician, you should entertain the audience. Every show should deliver value so that the audience will leave the premises with great satisfaction.

Regardless of the level of skill, you should be able to deliver a good show. If you can entertain the people, the audience would love to see you again and again. You can start magic as a hobby and you can achieve a high level of sophistication by practicing and performing over the years on a consistent pace.


There are various kinds of tricks, skills and methods. You should learn and master tricks that are most enjoyable so that you will settle for the best without any issues.  By engaging with other practicing professionals, you can make progress in your career as a magician.

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